Apostle's Bio
The Seal of Apostleship
Throughout the Holy Scriptures we witness many accounts of how the Eternal God chose man such as Saul to give them a Damascus Road experience, thus totally transforming them, mind, body and soul. By doing this, God would equip them to be meat for the master’s use.
Even in today God still calls chosen ones. In January of 1970, God saw fit to call Andrew Scott Johnson Jr., out of a world of darkness into his marvelous light under the ministry of Pastor R.G. Hardy at Faith Tabernacle Church in Baltimore, Maryland. After a year God led Bro. Andrew to work closely with Dr. Pastor John E. Douglas Jr. of the American Evangelistic Association also located in Baltimore, Maryland. In January of 1971 Andrew S. Johnson Jr. received his license of ordination as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
For the past 37 years, Apostle Andrew S. Johnson Jr. has done the work of an Apostle. Through the years he has accomplished many great endeavors for the Lord. Many may not recognize his office or may question and doubt his call as an Apostle, but to we who are the Seal of his Apostleship, do indeed thank God for the gift he has given us. We the seal have witnessed countless incidents of this high calling at work in his life, through the Holy Ghost.
We see him as a replica of the great Apostle Paul of the New Testament. Over the past 37years, Apostle Johnson has consecrated himself on forty-day fasts and has received many great visitations from God. In 1972 Apostle Johnson founded the Refuge Temple Non-Denominational Church Inc. On October 28,1981 he founded the Back To God Revival Holiness Church Inc. Under these 2 incorporations 16 churches have been established through the labor of Apostle Johnson. He has ordained many Evangelists, Prophets, Pastors, and Teachers, for the work of the ministry of Jesus Christ. The Apostle has caused countless souls to be converted and baptized in the name of Jesus. Through the Word of God, he has touched the hearts of millions, by radio, nation-wide and deep in Mexico. Through many great tent revivals and open-air meetings he has held prayer lines operating in the gifts of the spirit.
In 1983 Apostle A.S. Johnson founded the A.S. Johnson Christian Academy (grades K-5 through 12 grade). Apostle Johnson went on to receives a degree of Honorary Doctor of Humanities, through Payne Academy Bible Institute International, under the leadership of Bishop J.L. Payne.
In January of 1990, two halfway houses for recovering drug addicts (The God’s House Ministries) were founded by Apostle Johnson. Through this ministry, God led him to minister to over one hundred clients and still receiving many success stories.
These are just a few ministries that he has been successful in, under the direct leadership of God. He has a very effective outreach ministry, where many has been blessed through personal counseling, prayer phones, the Good News Messenger Magazine, door to door witnessing and various news letters.
Dr. Apostle Andrew S. Johnson went on to found the Power Living Missions, where he continues to work the works of God.
             This great vessel of God has been arrested for the preaching and has suffered much for the Gospel’s sake that others might be saved. As you can see, Apostle Johnson has made his calling and election very sure.
"Winning The Lost At Any Cost" ~ Luke 4:18